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Lunch Special 9/20/2017

  • By 7016414854
  • 20 Sep, 2017

The Luigi's Diner Burger

Today for Lunch at Luigi's, try The Luigi’s Diner Burger!

There are many different ways to do a burger, and much like the great pizza debate, (New York, vs, Chicago, vs California, etc.) the subject of how to best make a proper burger has been the subject of heated exchange. In the past we have taken this great beef and made big 8 oz. patties and char-grilled them for a juicy bomb of a burger. Th ey are awesome that way, but I found myself taking the smaller amounts of leftover ground and doing something a little different.

Maybe you have heard of a smash burger, or you remember getting a thinner burger done on flat top. That's what we started doing with the leftover stuff.

Fresh beef makes for juicy patties, crispy edges, and melted cheese, different than the other ones, but sooooo good.
Featuring ¼ lb patties of fresh Johnson Family Cattle Company Beef, melted American cheese, lettuce tomato, and onion on a fresh Fannita’s Bakery roll and served with a side of fries, this burger can be done as either a single or a double.

The The Luigi’s Diner Burger, it's What's for Lunch at Luigi's!

Luigis' Pizza and Pasta Blog

By 7016414854 19 Jan, 2018

Today for Lunch at Luigi's, get your Prime Rib fix before the weekend hits. It's the Italian Dip Sandwich!

6 ounces of seared prime rib is stacked on a garlic infused ciabatta roll with fresh arugula and topped with melted provolone and caramelized onions done up on the flattop grill. With a side of fries and piping hot au jus, this dip is just the thing to fuel you for the rest of the day.

The Italian Dip Sandwich, it's What's for Lunch at Luigi's!

By 7016414854 18 Jan, 2018

Today for Lunch at Luigi's, we are featuring a sandwich that I have been thinking about since the last time I had one, almost 2 months ago. I felt like today would be high time for the Spicy Shrimp Cacciatore Sandwich.

It's a combination of medium shrimp sautéed with freshly cut red, green, and yellow peppers, red onions, and Portabella mushrooms lightly coated in a spicy homemade red sauce and provolone cheese and toasted on a Fannita’s Bakery hoagie roll. We serve it with a side of pesto fries because pesto makes everything better!

The Spicy Shrimp Cacciatore Sandwich, it's What's for Lunch at Luigi's!

By 7016414854 17 Jan, 2018
Today for Lunch at Luigi's, it's time for our Jalapeno-Queso Chicken Sandwich!

Featuring that same great, homemade jalapeno-queso that we feature on our burgers, this is a grilled chicken sandwich that sings with awesome flavor! We start with your basic grilled chicken breast, but that's where we depart from the norm. We take our tangy jalapeno-queso-not too spicy, but just spicy enough - and coat the chicken to "wake it up". Then we throw in a couple of strips of apple wood smoked bacon, (because we're crazy like that), fresh chopped scallions, lettuce, and tomato and put it all on a Wisconsin-baked pretzel roll. It's the chicken sandwich you always dreamed of but could never find.

TheJalapeno-Queso Chicken Sandwich, it's What's for Lunch at Luigi's!
By 7016414854 16 Jan, 2018

Today for Lunch at Luigi's, it's a soup and sandwich combo that just makes sense: The Prime Rib Sandwich with French Onion Soup.

We take 6 ounces of house-cut prime rib and sear it on the flattop. To that, we add our spicy beer-caramelized onions and Wisconsin Swiss cheese on grilled Fannita's sourdough bread. We serve this alongside a cup of our delicious homemade french onion soup.

It's the perfect cold weather beater! The Prime Rib Sandwich with French Onion Soup, it's What's for Lunch at Luigi's!

By 7016414854 12 Jan, 2018

It's Friday in Wisconsin which can only mean one thing: Fish Fry! Of course, everybody has their favorite version of a fish fry. My favorite? Our Baja Fish Tacos!

Featuring golden fried haddock, fresh, homemade pico de gallo, sliced avocados, our homemade Baja sauce, and a squeeze of lime on crispy corn tortilla, these things almost eat themselves! Fish fry? Maybe. Baja Fish Tacos? Yes please!

Baja Fish Tacos, they're What's for Lunch at Luigi's!

By 7016414854 11 Jan, 2018

Today for Lunch at Luigi's, we are bringing you one of our old favorites and one of our in-house originals; the 18th Avenue!

Genoa salami, thinly sliced Prosciutto Cotto (basically an Italian deli ham), Romaine lettuce, creamy, fresh mozzarella, sweet, roasted red pepper and our house-special sauce on a hoagie roll are the hallmarks of this lunch-time wonder. Then we toast it on the Panini press for a crunch that puts this over the top.

The 18th Avenue, it's what's for Lunch at Luigi's!

By 7016414854 10 Jan, 2018

I wish I was a better photographer, because I can't seem to take a picture that makes this look as great as it really is. Today for Lunch at Luigi's, it's the Italian Deli Sub!

Salame, cappicola, prosciutto cotto, soppressata, Provolone cheese, and giardinara on an Italian hoagie roll with shredded lettuce, Roma tomato, thin sliced onion, olive oil, red wine vinegar, and a dash of oregano make for one of the single greatest sandwiches that you will ever have the pleasure to eat. It's a classic bunch of flavors that will remind you why the world regards Italian deli fare as some of the best anywhere.

The Italian Deli Sub, it's What's for Lunch at Luigi's!

By 7016414854 09 Jan, 2018

Today for Lunch at Luigi's, we are going to break out the big guns! It's time for the Mushroom and Swiss Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

As we all know, grilled chicken can be somewhat, well, meh. It always needs a little help to turn it into the sort of exciting lunch item that might make a discerning individual such as you want to come rushing in to get one before they sell out. Today, that help comes in the form of our rich, delicious homemade Mushroom and Swiss sauce. We make it in house, and no, we don't use those cans of weirdly condensed cream of mushroom soup. This starts with whole mushrooms, sweet cream, garlic, Swiss cheese and a little seasoning and finishes velvety smooth like a blanket of flavor on that plain-Jane chicken breast.

The Mushroom and Swiss Grilled Chicken Sandwich, it's What's for Lunch at Luigi's!

By 7016414854 05 Jan, 2018

Today for Lunch at Luigi's, it's time to wrap up the work week with a Crispy Shrimp Wrap from Luigi's!

Large, crispy fried shrimp are loaded into a large flour tortilla with our homemade cilantro-lime slaw and freshly made guacamole. If you like big flavor, and I know that you do, this wrap is made for you!

The crispy Shrimp Wrap, it's What's for Lunch at Luigi's!

By 7016414854 28 Dec, 2017

Today for Lunch at Luigi's, we felt it was appropriate to run one of favorite new specials of the year one last time in 2017. It's the Five Star Lamb Burger!

Featuring locally sourced lamb from our friends at Five Star Lamb, this is a burger that just may answer the age old question, "Where's the beef?" Answer- (for today anyhow) "Who cares?" Succulent, grilled lamb works perfectly with a crisp cucumber salad, ripe tomato, and fresh greens, but what really brings it over the top is the touch of briny feta cheese and creamy garlic mayo to tie it all together. Put it all on a crusty grilled Ciabatta roll and you are in burger heaven, my friend.

The Five Star Lamb Burger, it's What's for Lunch at Luigi's!

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