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Luigis' Pizza and Pasta Blog

By 7016414854 21 Sep, 2017

Today for Lunch at Luigi's, try our new BBQ Chicken Wrap! I have a feeling we are going to be making this one a lot more in the future!

Fresh, grilled chicken breast with our homemade BBQ sauce - with sweet caramelized red onion, Wisconsin cheddar cheese, and apple wood-smoked bacon- wrapped in a flour tortilla, pressed in the panini grill and served with a spinach side salad.

It's a little bit crispy, a little bit chewy, a little bit sweet, a little smoky and savory; in sh ort it's everything you want in a lunch special.

The BBQ Chicken Wrap, it's What's for Lunch at Luigi's!

By 7016414854 20 Sep, 2017
Today for Lunch at Luigi's, try The Luigi’s Diner Burger!

There are many different ways to do a burger, and much like the great pizza debate, (New York, vs, Chicago, vs California, etc.) the subject of how to best make a proper burger has been the subject of heated exchange. In the past we have taken this great beef and made big 8 oz. patties and char-grilled them for a juicy bomb of a burger. Th ey are awesome that way, but I found myself taking the smaller amounts of leftover ground and doing something a little different.

Maybe you have heard of a smash burger, or you remember getting a thinner burger done on flat top. That's what we started doing with the leftover stuff.

Fresh beef makes for juicy patties, crispy edges, and melted cheese, different than the other ones, but sooooo good.
Featuring ¼ lb patties of fresh Johnson Family Cattle Company Beef, melted American cheese, lettuce tomato, and onion on a fresh Fannita’s Bakery roll and served with a side of fries, this burger can be done as either a single or a double.

The The Luigi’s Diner Burger, it's What's for Lunch at Luigi's!
By 7016414854 15 Sep, 2017

Today for Lunch at Luigi's, it's time for some good old fashioned fried goodness. Stop on in for our Seafood Basket!

This one is jammed full of great stuff like two big pieces of haddock, 3 jumbo shrimp, 3 large crunchy shrimp, and a handful of big pepper shrimp. Throw in a few fries and you should be all set, but you're not. We got to thinking and decided that all of that fried stuff needed something to cut it it a bit, so we put together a mix of quick-pickled veggies to give you a little hit of something acidic. Fried seafood, pickled veggies, french fries, a little cocktail sauce; what's not to love?

The Seafood Basket, it's What's for Lunch at Luigi's!

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